The SDL_Go - Page


What is it

SDL_Go is a graphical interface for GnuGo using the SDL-Library. This program is no Go program, it does not even know the Rules (except some basics), it just sends the things you input down to GnuGo and displays the results for you.

State of work

This is a first version of the program. It is still quite instable. But you can play against GnuGo.

Some screenshots

SDL_Go look this way if you use the small graphics file (minimum.dat) this file does contain only color definitions and coordinates.

This is the view of the board using board.dat with a boardsize not equal to 9, 13 or 19. In these cases the stones are painted using some drawing functions and not graphics.

This is the board if you use one of the special boards. Here there are graphics available for all the stones so that is looks very neat.

To do


GnuGo is the program that lends all its intelligence to SDL_Go. You need at least version 2.7.137 for SDL_Go to do it's work

SDL is a library that grants access to video memory, audio and some other hardware. You need this library to compile SDL_Go.

SGE is a library that has some functions for drawing lines, circles bars, sprites, ... . You need this library at the moment to compile SDL_Go. You only need it if you want to compile Version 0.1, all later versions don't need this library.

SDL_ttf is a library for using true type fonts. I need this for all the necessary text output.

Freetype is needed by SDL_ttf so you also need this library.

Finally SourceForge provides the discspace for this webpage.


Version 0.1

The following file contains the souce and the minimum.dat graphics file. SDL_Go-0.1.tar.bz2

If you want to see the nice graphics you need to download board.dat.bz2

Version 0.2 (31. August 2000)

Because the sive of the datafile decreased I put everything together in one paket this time.

There are not many changes:

The file SDL_Go-0.2.tar.bz2 contains all necessary data to compile and also the datafile with the graphics.

another try

here is a modified kgo-0.72 (I call it kgo-0.73) kgo


Please do not yet send bug reports (except if you can not compile the program at all or if it doesn't start)

But if you have any other thing to tell don't hesitate. Write to in German or English.